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A-England Tristam

So I'm on holidays.... yay!!! lol And I will use this free time to clear my "pics to blog" folder XD along with playing with nail polish of course :P I have so much unblogged manis! Some pics aren't very good, some are really ugly, lol!  Eh it was a year ago, I'm better at taking nail polish pics now! Well, I think I am... aren't I?! Anyways, I will have to do some mani again cause I can't post the crappy pics! 
So, while I'm sorting out the best photos of a recent manicure -- and it could take me a while cause I tend to take TOO many now. Me, afraid of ugly pics like the old ones?! nay... absolutely not! Haha. -- here are some ok ones of A-England Tristam, without top coat cause I use it for my Born Pretty review ;)

Nail Mail - Week #08 || EPIC NAIL MAIL!!! ♥

In the mailbox this week....
Nothing the first half of the week :( but the second half was pretty epic, with 6 packages!!!
On Thursday, I got a glow-in-the-dark polish from Well Nails named "The Noth Pole is a real place". I have to thank my friend Ashley @Smashley Sparkles, cause I bought this polish after she said on FB that it was on sale :P

I also got the 3D molds that I bought on ebay, 6 pcs for like $3. Acrylic powder is the next product from Born Pretty Store that I will review and I didn't have molds yet.

Then, on Friday, I received an AMAZEBALLS package from my friend Jin Jit @Superficially Colorful, with some pretty amazing polishes from her own line + Glitter Gal Light as a Feather and some candy of course :P When I opened it, I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG every second, lol!

Here is a close-up of Jin's polishes from her Mood Swings collection ♥ They are gorgeous AND they are thermal lacquers ^^ 
Beautiful, right?! ♥ Can't wait to put th…

Kiko Holographic 401 Peacock Green

Few month ago, I swatched the amazing Red Dog Designs The Doctor but I didn't show you the polish I used as undie. So here it is, the gorgeous Kiko Holographic 401 Peacock Green.

#The Sunday Nail Battle || Naked Nails

Hi guys! I just noticed that I forgot to translate in English my second Sunday Nails Battle post. I usually write my post in English first, but as the SNB is organised by French-speaking ladies I write those posts in French first. So here is the translation.
✿ Naked Nails!
I have naked nails at least 4 days a week because of my job, and it can be more if I'm lazy on the weekends. So yep they have enough time to "breath" and thanks to that they are not yellow. Here are the nails beneath the polish ^^ 

As you can see there is a rebel XD The nail of my index doesn't grow like the others, the shape isn't the same. And in addition, if I want all my nails the same size, I mean the entire nails, not the free edges, I have to let my index's nail grow longer. Yep with naked nails that's not great but when my nails are covered with nail polish... well... I'm a nail blogger, I can't let a nail look shorter than the others!!! 
And now, here is my nail routine…

Jindie Nails Candy Land Remix || Swatches & Review.

Well, I thought I published this post, but I guess I just saved it.... :/ Oh, tiredness... Today I'm going to show you the polish I wanted to buy with my Jindie Nails order but got cartjacked :( Luckily, Jen was kind enough to send a mini version of Candy Land Remix for review purpose.

Nail Mail - Week #07 || Illamasqua & BarryM from Asos

In the mailbox this week...
In addition to the 3 wonderful purple Illamasqua muled by my friend Denise,  I got 2 more Illamasqua and one BarryM Gelly from Asos.

Couldn't wait any longer... Nail Mail: My First Illamasqua ♥

I know it's not Saturday, so not my usual day to post pictures of nail mail but I can't wait any longer, I have to show you my new pretties, my very first Illamasqua ♥

Jindie Nails Rave || Swatches & Review.

Hi guys! Sorry I don't post often... my boss tried to give me his flu, lol, but after few pills and a lot of sleep the first symptoms has gone away =)
So I'm back with new swatches ^^ Another unreleased Jindie Nails: Rave

Nail Mail - Week #06 || Not only Nail Mail ^^

In the mailbox this week...
An unexpected nail mail from my sweet friend SH!!! ♥  I haven't bought polish for few weeks now, so I was really surprised to see this package on my desk when I came home Tuesday. Well, it could have been my long-awaited Nails Inc. polishes but no Royal Mail sticker on it.
I've placed an order on Pshiiit-boutique for SH and she sent me these wonderful nail polishes from my wishlist to thank me. She really didn't have to do this, she's such a sweetheart!!! Thank you so much!!! ♥


Then, on Wednesday, I got a package from the UK : my LUSH order!!!

Jindie Nails Princess Breath || Swatches & Review.

Hi guys! Today I have an awesome Jindie Nails to show you. It's called 'Princess Breath' and not released yet.

Nail Mail - Week #05 || Jindie Nails & Lynnderella

In the mailbox this week...
Some pretty Jindie Nails ^^ I bought these 2 full size : Tried & True and Pretty Penny.

and Jen send these 3 minis to review along with my order, including the awesome Candy Land Remix that I wanted to buy but it disappeared from my cart at checkout :( BUT Jen was super sweet and send it in mini size with Princess Breath & Rave, 2 polishes not released yet!!

Second parcel, a package from my friend Sheila @Pointless Cafe,
who muled these 2 Lynns for me :D