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Review: Born Pretty Store - 3D Golden Foil Stickers

Hello readers! Today, I will show you the mani I did with the second product from Born Pretty Store that I got to review. As it's snowing for few days here, I again took my inspiration from what I see around me. Yesterday, it was my Canadian dreamcatcher, and today it's the snow!

#The Sunday Nail Battle - Dreamcatcher || First SNB ^^

Hi ladies !!! and gentlemen?! ;) I hope you all doing great! As for myself, I'm pretty good, on the blogging part of my life! One of my resolution for 2013 was to translate all the blogposts in here to post them on my French blog, and for now, I'm a good girl :P
And to celebrate this week of translation, I've decided to participate in my first Sunday Nail Battle! A fun idea of 2 French bloggers (links to their blogs at the end of the post!) Coincidence or not, the theme of this Sunday is really something that I like a lot... Let me show you my nail art first, and I'll tell more about this later :P

Nail Mail - Week #04 || A-England, Aquadaisy & I ♥ NP!

In the mailbox this week....
A-England She Walks in Beauty, that I bought during the sale :)

Aquadaisy Shazaam ♥ I finally have this beauty in my stash :D

3 I ♥ NP (I Love Nail Polish) that I bought after seeing the amazing mani of Rachel with Once Upon a Starry Night

Nail Mail - Week #03 || Pshiiit Boutique.

In the mailbox this week...
A Pshiiit Boutique order I placed with my friend SH. 

Review: Velvet Nails with Born Pretty Store flocking powder!

Hello readers!! It's time to show you the velvet mani I did over Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?

OPI // Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?

Hi guys!!! Few days ago, I got 2 products from BornPrettyStore to review! One of them is a jar of purple flocking powder. As I also received a new purple polish earlier, I decided to use it as the undie of my velvet mani! =) Here is the swatches of Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? by.... well... OPI!!! ^^ 

Nail Mail - Week #02 || Elevation Polish ♥

In the mailbox this week...
A lonely package but an AWESOME package : My Elevation Polish order! ♥

Nail Mail - Week #01-13 || Nailsupplies

In the mailbox this week...
A package from Nailsupplies, yay!

Top 10 Polishes of 2012 || Happy New Year 2013!!! ♥