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Jindie Nails // Put a Ring on It!

Woohoo it's time for my very first real nail polish review! For the first time on my blog you will read at this end of the post "This polish was sent for me to review with my honest opinion" =D

And now, let me introduce you Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It!

Put a Ring on It! is a light grey nail polish with different shape of glitters: bars (black, white, silver holo), squares (black, white), diamond (black, white, silver holo, purple), purple mini bars (that I call bacillus, memory of my microbiology course), and also some hidden purple shimmer.

I first thought that it will need a base color underneath so I layered it over China Glaze Pelican Gray. And that's not I didn't like it, but I felt like Pelican Gray removed some of the beauty, the delicacy of PaRoI. So I tried it on its own on my thumb... and wow, just wow! lol so applied it on my other fingers =)

2 coats of Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It! - with flash
2 coats of Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It! - with flash
2 coats of Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It! - under neon light 
I don't know about you, but in my opinion this polish is beautiful on its own, so delicate... The light grey base color reminds me of OPI My Pointe Exactly (NYC Ballet collection), it's sheer but so lovely!!! I feel like I could wear this polish with "chic" clothes.

Application was very easy, diamond shape glitters are a bit harder to get on the brush but as you can see on my pictures, I have at least one on each nail (after two coats).

1 coat of Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It! - with flash

Here are the pictures with Pelican Gray underneath:

2 coats of Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It! over China Glaze Pelican Gray - with flash

And also I tried it over a polish I used a lot for the 30 Days of Untried Challenge : OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls!

2 coats of Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It! over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls - with flash

I definitely like it better alone, what about you?

Jindie Nails nail polishes retail at $7.75 and can be purchased on etsy HERE.
Don't forget to follow Jindie Nails on Facebook HERE for updates, and on Instagram HERE.

*This polish was sent for me to review with my honest opinion


  1. Thank you! Love it! First time this one has been reviewed :)!♥ Love your nails too btw!

    1. You're welcome! ;) I'm writing the review of Happy Dance! Will post it soon!
      Thank you ♥

  2. Great review and a lovely polish!!


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