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Jindie Nails // Got Glitter?

Hello dear readers! How are you today?
I'm not so well, cause I've got a terrible migraine and a blurred vision after few minutes in front of my computer's screen since Tuesday... Nevertheless, I succeeded to post the review of Jindie Nails Happy Dance, but it took me several days to do it :( Now that I'm a little better, I have another Jindie Nails review for you!

Got Glitter? is made of different shape/color holo glitters in a clear base. There are turquoise, green and lavender hex glitter, and silver bigger hexes, bars, diamonds and stars.

2,5 coats of Jindie Nails Got Glitter?
2,5 coats of Jindie Nails Got Glitter?

Pictures are 2,5 coats of Jindie Nails Got Glitter? over 2 coats of China Glaze Gothic Lolita (Index), Cult Nails Vicious (Middle), Cult Nails Princess (Ring) and A-England Galahad (Pinky).

Yes, I wrote 2,5 XD because after 2 coats there wasn't glitter everywhere... so I added some hexes where needed to fill in the "holes". Silver holo star, diamonds and bars came with the first or second layer without fishing.

I like Got Glitter? over all these colors but my fave combos are with the 2 Cult Nails polishes. First Princess, cause the glitters look so pretty over this pastel blue and every Princess need glitter ^^ And it look great over a darker color too, like Vicious, cause the colors of the glitters seem more vibrant.  

Jindie Nails nail polishes retail at $7.75 and can be purchased on etsy HERE.
Don't forget to follow Jindie Nails on Facebook HERE for updates, and on Instagram HERE.

*This polish was sent for me to review with my honest opinion


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