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Blogger Collaboration || Most Expensive/Least Expensive Polishes

Hi guys! Today, with some of my blogger friends, we're doing a blogger collaboration weekend to show you our most expensive and least expensive polishes =) You can find links to there manis at the end of this post ;)

So, what's my most expensive polish?

It's French, how surprising is that!? LOL. I always say French nail polishes are expensive... I have few other Dior but this one is the most expensive and it was my first =) I bought it in March but didn't try it yet, and today was the first time I had a Dior on my nails!!!! And now... swatches!

The pictures above are taken with flash. Because of the stupid rain we have for the past few days, I don't have the chance to take pics in sunlight like my friend Kim did, so take a look at her swatches ;)
The 2 pics below are taken under neon light, without flash.

And because I like macros...
Artificial light, without flash
I'm really sorry if this is too much pictures for you but I love this polish so much... :P


I thought my cheapest polish would be a Kleancolor but as I bought my Kleancolors online on a US website, I have to add shipping fees to the price of the polish. So my least expensive nail polish is :

I bought this Spanish nail polish in one of the street market of my city. It's a cheap brand but not stingy on stars... 

with flash
artificial light, without flash
I layered one coat of Easy Paris 126 over two coats of BarryM  Navy!

Hope you enjoyed this post =)

If you would like to join in, please be courteous and use the inlinkz codes in your post so that we are all linked together. Otherwise, they will be removed. Here are the codes: 


  1. Your Shadow pictures are so much better than mine! Love it!!!

    1. But yours are taken in sunlight!!!

  2. Girls, don't fight over who's pictures look better ;-)
    Those are really beautiful photos!! And I don't see too many here. I was expecting more!! ;-))

    1. Haha XD
      Thank you!!! I've narrowed the selection down, A LOT!!!

  3. Sooo stunning!! You and Kim are really making me sad that I didn't get Shadow. LOL And you cheapie polish is very nice too@ (I really love your nails by the way)

    1. Oh sorry :P I got an email from Dior few days ago saying Les Violets Hypnotiques were back but when I clicked on their link again today, I got this message "Requested page is not available." :'(

      Thank you Ash, you're sweet =D

  4. Oh my, that Dior is stunning!! Is it available anywhere in the US, do you know??

    1. Yes it is! :P
      I think you can order it on ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Haha XD I'm sorry but I have to say no =P


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