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Jindie Nails // Santa Claws collection

Hi guys! I told you in my nail mail post that a Jindie Nails review was coming and here it is! :) So let's take a look at the 4 polishes from the Santa Claws collection that Jen has sent to me!

Nail Mail Week #43 || Gift from Lisa & Jindie Nails order.

It's time for the weekly nail mail post! :)
Friday, I got an AMAZING package from my friend Lisa ♥

Mom had some fun with nail polish ;)

Few weeks ago, I found my mom in my room admiring her fresh paint nails! She so loved Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It! when I swatched it, that while I was working, she "stole" it from me, lol!

Red Dog Designs // The Doctor ♥

OMG OMG OMG The Doctor is on me :P Haha XD Well, I obviously can't have the (10th) Doctor, but at least I have the polish ^^ Thank you so much Gina for making this possible!!!! ♥
So the Amazing polish of the day is : The Doctor ♥ by Red Dog Designs!

Superficially Colorful: And the winners are....

Superficially Colorful: And the winners are....: "So the Rafflecopter has spoken and we have three winners to my 6 months blogerversary giveaway ! [...]
I'm one of the winners!!!!!! YAY!! I really needed this right now, cause I'm so sick of bad news! This is the first time I win a giveaway, so no need to say how happy I am :P And Jinjit from Superficially Colorful is a great friend of mine, I like this lady so much, I'm so glad that the first giveaway I win is hers :) and she's glad to be my first too ^^ I feel like it's my birthday, haha XD But I still have to wait 10 days for the real one :)

Nail Mail - Week #42 || Overall Beauty, Takko Lacquer, Harlow & Co.

Hello ladies and gents! It's time to show you what I got in the mail this week =)
First package of week #42 was my Overall Beauty order. Thanks to the amazing Kim, I finally have Dollish Polish Team Salvatore in my hands, I want this polish for ages!!! I also bought the beautiful piCture pOlish collaboration shade Attitude by Overall Beauty ^^

Jindie Nails // Neonderthal

Last one of the 4 Jindie Nails that was sent for me to review : Neonderthal! But don't worry, I still have the 5 I bought to show you!!! and maybe more ^^

Jindie Nails // Got Glitter?

Hello dear readers! How are you today? I'm not so well, cause I've got a terrible migraine and a blurred vision after few minutes in front of my computer's screen since Tuesday... Nevertheless, I succeeded to post the review of Jindie Nails Happy Dance, but it took me several days to do it :( Now that I'm a little better, I have another Jindie Nails review for you!

Nail Mail - Week #41 || Red Dog Designs, Harlow & Co, Sea Lore.

Here is what I got the mail last week ^^
On Monday 10, I got the amazing The Doctor by Red Dog Designs! As a Doctor Who fan, I was really really really excited to have this polish in my hands =D Of course it's BLUE and sooo gorgeous ♥

Jindie Nails // Happy Dance

Hi guys! Today I will show you another Jindie Nails and it's called Happy Dance!

Jindie Nails // Put a Ring on It!

Woohoo it's time for my very first real nail polish review! For the first time on my blog you will read at this end of the post "This polish was sent for me to review with my honest opinion" =D
And now, let me introduce you Jindie Nails Put a Ring on It!

Nail Mail - Week #40 || Alter Ego & Jindie Nails orders.

Hi ladies! It's time to show you what I got in my mailbox last week :)
First come, my Alter Ego order.

Blogger Collaboration || Most Expensive/Least Expensive Polishes

Hi guys! Today, with some of my blogger friends, we're doing a blogger collaboration weekend to show you our most expensive and least expensive polishes =) You can find links to there manis at the end of this post ;)
So, what's my most expensive polish?

30 Days of Untrieds Catch Up || Day 12 - Stripes

Ok it's time to catch up!
So here is the mani of the day 12 of the challenge =)

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