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Girly Bits // Smurf Dance & Roger That

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to show you the Smurftastic Girly Bits Roger That and Smurf Dance :)

Roger That is an amazing blue holographic polish made by Pam in memory of Brady Rogers ♥ I am very moved by the death of Brady and I had to buy this polish! My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Smurf Dance is made of multi-shape blue and white glitters and holographic micro glitters! This polish was created for my friend Silver the Silverinator and her amazing Smurf Dance (read more about the story here and watch the fabulous smurf dance of Silver ^^)

Smurf Dance close-up

They are so gorgeous that I did this mani the day I get the polishes! I don't do that often :P I applied 1 coat of Smurf Dance over 2 coats of Roger That and 2 coats of China Glaze LOL on the accent nail!

Smurf Dance party, yeah! LOL
or Schtroumpfs Dance party in French ^^

These polishes are sooo smurfmazeballs!!! Application was perfect for both =D

Here are some pictures of Roger That and LOL alone:

 You can buy them from Pam on Girly Bits' website (from $10 to $12.50) or, like I did, from my fave webshop Harlow & Co (from $12 to $13), more expensive but Katie has free shipping on orders over $50!!!


  1. Beautiful! I love the surfs on each picture and your photos are amazing!

  2. Love that you put Smurfs on all the picture and all these polishes look fantastic!!!

  3. I love the Smurfs but this time it's the Roger that polish that I really love and would like to have one of.


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