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Day 11 || Polka Dots

Hi guys! Here is the day 11, the first one of the patterns theme.

I just wrote 1 sentence and was about to say that I wish a very happy birthday to mom but my phone just rang and it was my dad... my mom had a bike accident and she's in the hospital with a fractured skull!!! T_T OMG I'm so worried, but there is nothing I can do and my parents are in vacation 620 miles away from here so I can't see her! Well.. were in vacay cause now... 

So excuse my post, but I'll just post the pictures I took of my mani and will try to occupy my mind to not think too much of what could happen to her during the night and the days after... First night after accident terrify me... she could fall into a coma or worse!!!! I really hope she will be okay... :'(

And I did this mani with green nail polishes cause she likes green and it was her day... :'(

Untrieds used:
China Glaze Custom Kicks
Essence 39 Lime Up!
Essence 79 Viva La Green

Don't know if I will be in the mood to do my nails in the next few days...
I'm so shaky and crying :'(


  1. Such a cute mani. I am keeping you mom in my thoughts and prayers. BIG HUGS ♥

  2. love your mani and prayers going out for your mom!

  3. How cute is this!!! I love the colors and dots is always my favoirte when it comes to nailart.


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