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Day 30 || Inspired by a tutorial

Hi ladies and gents! Here we are... the last day of the challenge! And I still have LOTS of untrieds =P
For this mani inspired by a tutorial I chose a tutorial made by an amazingly talented french girl (hehe^^), Ophélie aka Tartofraises =)

Nail Mail || Swap with Ana from Nailspt

I'm really excited to show you the content of my first real swap! An amazing swap with the LOVELY Ana (hehe) from Nailspt

Day 29 || Inspired by Supernatural

Happy Birthday to my big brother!!! ♥ He's turning 30 and my mom is here to celebrate this day with us, love it!!!
I can't believe that tomorrow is the end of the challenge... well not really the end for me cause I intend to do the manis I couldn't do the days after my mom's accident! 
Ok so here is my Supernatural mani:

Day 28 || Inspired by a flag

First: my mom is here, my mom is HERE, my mom is HEEERE!!!!!!! It's so good to have her with us at home ♥
Then, here is my mani inspired by a flag:

Day 27 || Inspired by Artwork

Just got them today, already on my nails... the KIKO HOLOGRAPHICS! ♥

Day 26 || Inspired by a pattern

OMG I'm SOOOOOO TIRED!!! My eyes are barely opened... sleeping only 4 hours isn't a good idea :P I'm almost sleeping and writing at the same time...

Nail Mail from Kim || Models Own Mirror Ball Collection

I LOVE NAIL MAIL!!! ♥  And today I got the Models Own I bought through my lovely friend Kim =)

Day 25 || Inspired by fashion

Hi everyone!
Today, I will you show my mani inspired by fashion, and my mom =P I had absolutely no idea of what to do for this fashion day until I talk nail art with my mom at the hospital... She is the (recovering) brain behind this mani =) When I said "fashion" she said "Jean-Paul Gaultier"!!! And her wish is my command! XD

Day 24 || Inspired by a book

Aah it feels so good to write new posts again ♥
For the mani of today I choose to stay in childhood :P I think (guess) you'll recognize the book... if not it's written on the pics XD

Day 23 || Inspired by a movie

Hello dear readers! Today we're going back to childhood :P
When I got my Sea Lore package, I knew I was going to use Ariel for the mani of today =) This is my last untried Sea Lore, and it's absolutely gorgeous!!! ♥

Day 22 || Inspired by a song

Hi guys, I'm back!! =)
First, I'd like to tell you that my mom is better now ♥ still not back home but maybe in a week... But, let's talk about nail art! Here is my mani inspired by a song :)

Nail Mail - Week #37 || Kawaii Nail Lacquer, Cirque, Maisie Shine, Sonnetarium & The Polish Bar

In the mailbox this week...
Lots of Indie / Etsy purchases =)
Kawaii Nail Lacquer

I'm Anaa! 1 Year Bloganniversary Winners!!!

Hi everyone!
First if you read my blog you know that my mom is in hospital with a fractured skull :'( She's a bit better but so far away from me that I can't see her and it's killing me... I paused the 30 Days of Untrieds challenge for now cause every time I try to think of what mani I could do I end up thinking about my mom :'( but I'll catch up when I could!

On a more positive note, my 1 Year Bloganniversay is now over and I picked the winners!

Winner #1 wins 1OPI Black Spotted. Winner #2 wins 1 A-England Princess Tears. Winner #3 wins  1 NYX Enchanted Forest.

♪♫ drum roll please ♫♪

And the winners are... a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations ladies :) I'm emailing you right now. You have 48 hours to answer or another winner will be chosen!
Don't forget to check my blog sale, maybe there's something you'd like :)

Day 11 || Polka Dots

Hi guys! Here is the day 11, the first one of the patterns theme.
I just wrote 1 sentence and was about to say that I wish a very happy birthday to mom but my phone just rang and it was my dad... my mom had a bike accident and she's in the hospital with a fractured skull!!! T_T OMG I'm so worried, but there is nothing I can do and my parents are in vacation 620 miles away from here so I can't see her! Well.. were in vacay cause now... 
So excuse my post, but I'll just post the pictures I took of my mani and will try to occupy my mind to not think too much of what could happen to her during the night and the days after... First night after accident terrify me... she could fall into a coma or worse!!!! I really hope she will be okay... :'(

Day 10 || Gradient

Here is the last day of the color theme of the challenge... and we end it with GRADIENT! =) I had a very very busy day so I just did this mani only few minutes ago! And I've already removed it as tomorrow is Tuesday, the beginning of my workweek :'( This gradient isn't as pretty as I want it to be but I should be sleeping right now instead of writing this post so I did the best I could ;)

Day 9 || Rainbow Nails

Hi dear readers!!! I'm really excited to show you the rainbow mani I did for the Day 9 of the challenge =) When I first read "rainbow nails" I didn't know what to do... draw rainbows, use different color on each nail ... But this morning, I remembered a mani with pastel colors I saw a long time ago on Pinterest. - I don't remember who did this manicure sorry :/ maybe it was a nail art of Camille from Pshiiitthis girl do amazing things with nail polish so I wouldn't be surprised :) - So instead of pastel colors, I chose rainbow's colors and did this:

Day 8 || Metallic

Hello there! Today is the metallic day :) For this mani, I used 3 untrieds and my design is inspired by the nails of 2 of my friends: Jin Jit from Superficially Colorful (she made an amazing tutorial!!!) inspired herself by the sweet Rachel from Polished Criminails (who started this amazing Untrieds challenge) :P Her manis are more beautiful than mine though... 

Day 7 || Black & White

Hey guys, today's nail color of the 30 Days of Untrieds challenge is Black & White! :) I have "only" 3 white in my stash and I have already used all of them... but my friend Sarah @ Chalkboardnails have found the solution to my problem: use an untried polish with black & white glitter in it!! Yay, thank you Sarah! ♥ And I have 3 so I chose, the first one I bought: Lynnderella Connect the Dots!!! I layered it over a grey so that's not too far away from black and white ^^

Day 6 || Violet

Violet, violet... I have sooo many violet/purple untrieds in my stash!!! XD So for this post I used 3 of them, eheh :P

Nail mail - Week #36 || Sea Lore order, YAY!!!

You saw one of the amazing polishes I got in the mail yesterday in my previous post... now you will see the others ^^

Few days ago, even if I had already exceeded my polish budget, I couldn't resist, I ordered 4 polishes from my friend Jamie, the sweet owner of Sea Lore ♥
The Triton's Daughters collection is really amazing, I want them all! but I couldn't.. so I only bought 4 minis!
Each shade is available in 7,5mL ($5.50) or in 15mL ($10) at You can get a free nail polish ring (Triton's daughter of your choice) with a purchase over $20. How nice is that? My choice was Ariel!!! My all time favorite mermaid ^^

Day 5 || Blue

The color of today is one of my fave color: BLUE ♥ And I just received a pretty blue polish few hours ago so it's just perfect!!! Sea Lore Aquata, a "deep sea blue jelly base with blue shimmer and blue iridescent flakies". Unfortunately, I didn't really succeed to capture the amazing flakies :(

Day 4 || Green

Hi guys! I'm really excited to show you my green mani of the day!!! =D Why? cause I'm happy that I finally used polishes with a color I like ♥ GREEN ♥ haha

Day 3 || Yellow

Third day of the 30 days of untrieds and the color is yellow! We are moving to the colors I like but we're not quite there yet :P Warm colors aren't my thing... they don't suit my skin tone!

Day 2 || Orange

Color of today : ORANGE! Another color I don't really like... lol XD  But yes, I have one :P cause I thought maybe someday I'll need an orange nail polish, not as a base color but for stamping or other nail art purpose! So, today I used 2 untrieds polishes : OPI Call Me Gwen-ever, from The Amazing Spiderman collection and Cult Nails Captivated!!!

Girly Bits // Smurf Dance & Roger That

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to show you the Smurftastic Girly Bits Roger That and Smurf Dance :)

Day 1 of the 30 Days Challenge || Red

Today is the beginning of a great challenge for me, the 30 Days of Untrieds!

I don't know if I will succeed in this challenge... 1 post per day won't be easy :$
Today is red! If you read my post about piCture pOlish Monroe, you know that red isn't my color! I don't like red nail polish, I don't really know why... I don't like red lipstick either! Maybe cause it's too "femme fatale" for me XD Even if I don't have lots of red nail polishes, I have a red untried in my stash! China Glaze Ruby Pumps! This polish it's like Christmas on your nails, lol! 

Allons-y! || Doctor Who Season Premiere Collaboration Mani

Hi Guys!!! Today is the season premiere of the TV Series Doctor Who :) For this occasion, I joined some other nail bloggers for a Doctor Who mani!!! Hope you'll enjoy this mani even if it's not perfect!!!

Nail Mail - Week #35 || Pshiiit: piCture pOlish & Nfu Oh

In the mailbox this week...
My first Pshiiit order ^^ =) 

This Nfu Oh 51 is so hard to capture!!! After several takes, I have finally a decent one XD