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piCture pOlish // Monroe

Make way for a classic Hollywood icon... Monroe!!!

Girly Bits // Razzle Dazzle & Stormy Skies

Hi guys! Today I want to show the Girly Bits mani I did last weekend :) I can't tell you how much I loved to have this on my nails!!!! ♥ I wasn't able to take pictures in sunlight to show you how sparkly it was, unfortunately... The sun played hide and seek behind the clouds all day and when it was there it wasn't really shine, well not enough to "bring the glitter to life"!

1st Bloganniversary Giveaway!!!

Ladies (and maybe gentlemen), It's August 25! Meaning?! I wrote my first post 1 year ago!!! Wow, time flies sooo fast!!!
To celebrate this 1st Bloganniversary, I set a giveaway for you guys =D Hope you'll like the prizes I choose ^^

There will be 3 WINNERS (if you read my blog, you know I love this number ^^), so 3 prizes: - 1OPI Black Spotted. - 1 A-England Princess Tears. This amazing polish has been renamed by myself "Princess Real Tears" because as you can see on the picture above, this polish has been damaged and some polish has leaked from the broken cap! :( But luckily, its injuries are not too severe! I scotch taped the cap and now it's airtight as it should be! I have it since April 11 and the texture is the same as the bottle that Adina sent me as a replacement few days later!!!! I don't need this extra bottle and I can't obviously sell it... so I'd rather send it to one of my follower than let it unused in a drawer! I hope you will like it…

Nail Mail - Week #33 || Harlow & Co. order

WOOOT! Amazing nail mail from my favorite web shop Harlow & Co. I bought my first piCture pOlish and Enchanted Polish ♥ and 2 polishes made by Harlow & Co.

Fairies in a Parallel Universe

Ooh ... what a day at work today!... I'm sooo tired!!! 12 hours to do a job that is not mine... I miss my office, my desk, my computer, lol XD Working in the production area isn't fun! All my muscles are sore, my legs are heaavy...
So to lift up the spirits, I want to show you the little something I added over Parallel Universe. I wish I was still wearing this mani... but naked nails always required at work :(
First, I layered 1 coat of Whimsical Ideas by Pam - I Believe in Fairies. I LOVE this polish ♥

Dandy Nails // Parallel Universe

I wish I was a good blogger and blog more often!
Hi ladies :) I'm back from vacay since few days and really want to write more blog post. I take photos of almost all my nail arts but don't always post the pics here, mostly because of work... I work 10 hours a day - away from home 12 hours - so when I finally came home around 7:00 pm I don't always feel like blogging, cause I don't really know what to write, especially in English!!! It's not my mother tongue, so I can't always say what I want to say  cause I don't have the correct terms or expressions to say it. BUT, I want to be a good blogger so I'll try to do my best to post more often!! So in my future posts, I'll show you some new mani, swatches, nails polishes and also some old ones that I didn't blog about yet :)
Today I want to show you the magnificent Parallel Universe ♥ It's one the polish that Sandy Dandy Nails sent me in her Secret Beach Bunny package. And I LOVE it so much! Hope …