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Haul from Belgium!

Today, I went to Belgium with my best friend, to buy some stuff she usually buy there. Don't ask me to remember what it is, I just know that is food, lol! Belgium is only 1 hour away, so with my family we cross the border several times a year, especially to buy cheaper tobacco for the (stupid) smokers of the family XD But this time, with the bestie, we did some nail polish shopping ^^ We went to Kruidvat, a shop in De Panne, which sells Essence & Catrice nail polishes =)

So here is what I bought:

Yep, not only nail polish, ahah XD I'm such a candy lover, and Belgium has yummy candies we don't have here in France, so... :P

Catrice (420) Dirty Berry & (380) Forget-Me-Not!

Essence (50) Irrepleaceable,  (64) be optimistic!, (08) Ultimate Pink, (48) Meet Me Now!, (73) Princess Prunella, (43) Where is the party?, (67) Make it Golden & (72) Time for Romance


  1. Yummy haul!! I think I need to travel a little!

    1. haha XD I need to go to Belgium to buy more :P

  2. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx


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