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Diamond Jubilee || Barry M Navy, Ciaté Jewel & Max Factor Fantasy Fire

In honour of Queen Elizabeth II and her diamond jubilee, I joined my friend for a British mani. One rule : we have to use British polishes ^^ Luckily, I get few days ago, a "swap" package from the UK!!! So I used 2 of the polishes that the amazing Polished Criminal Rachel send me + Max Factor Fantasy Fire on my accent nail =D

I'm not really happy with this mani... but here are some pictures ;) IRL it's a little less bad, but I wish I could find something better for this Jubilee mani!


Over my base coat, I applied 2 coats of BarryM Navy, 1 coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire (bought from the lovely Jo ♥) on the accent nail, and an unsuccessful gradient of Ciaté Jewel. I stamped a golden crown, from BM plate 215, with China Glaze Passion. Doesn't look like the Queen's crown, but I couldn't find better...

Max Factor Fantasy Fire is, maybe, this only thing I like in this mani, lol! Can't wait to use it again but on each nail ^^

Here are some close-up!!! First the mani without MFFF, and then 5 pics of its beautiful glitter ♥



  1. Oh wow!! This page is SOOOOOOOOOO festive!! I LOVE it!!!!!
    Your mani looks AMAZING!! I really love it that the glitter is near the nail bed and not near the tips, the crown is SO delicate and the frames you gave every pic makes this page look like PARTY!!!
    and a very elegant one!

  2. I loooove this! & yay for the polishes I sent! <3

  3. I love your mani and it looks like you're already celebrating! Great job!

  4. This looks absolutely stunning!!! Definitely need to tryk FF over Navy now:)

  5. so amazingly gorgeous Benedicte!!!! Love it!!!

  6. Love the fireworks! Perfect for Jubilee celebration!

  7. OMG I love the colors and glitter you chose! You have reminded me why I want Ciate Jewel.


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