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The Amazing Nail Mail of the Day!!!

Today, I have awesome nail mails to show you!!! =)

The first one is a 2 in 1 package from the amazing Sandy Dandy Nails ♥ I was really surprised that my Dandy Nails order came in a flat rate box, because the previous polishes I got were send in envelopes. Then, when I opened the package I was more intrigued because I ordered 4 Dandy Nails, but there were clearly more than 4 polishes in the box!!! So I thought she may have sent the wrong package to me...
Then I noticed the shape of some of the polishes = clearly not all of them were Dandy Nails! But why Sandy would send me polishes not made by herself?!?! I finally noticed a note in the box, and when I read it I LOOOLed

Ta-da, not the wrong recipient!!! 
So here is the content of my 2 in 1 package ^^

Top Row - Secret Beach Bunny polishes:
mini CG Ghoulish Glow, DN Parallel Universe, CG Lorelei's Tiara, CG Stellar, Milani Totally Cool

Bottom Row - Dandy Nails order: 
Colorblind², Wonderwall, Caught in the Crowd, Another Heart Breaks
I LOVE the polishes I ordered and I LOVE the polishes that Sandy chose for me!!! ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH SANDY ♥

I was looking for Ghoulish Glow for ages, and now I have it! And the mini version is SO CUTE!!!! Plus, Sandy send me the last Dandy Nails of my wishlist!!! I wanted to buy it with the other 4, but I'm a weirdo and I don't like odd numbers, except "3"! Did I mention that I'm a weird person?!

And the second package is my Amazing Spiderman order from Sephora, with 9 Black Spotted for some of my friends outside France =) The BS for my first giveaway is in the next Sephora order ^^

Black Spotted, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Call Me Gwen-ever, Into the Night, Just Spotted the Lizard!
The Collection isn't complete but that's a start!!!! :D I will buy the 2 missing later...

Now I have some polishes to wrap & pack ^^ Packages will be sent on Saturday!!!


  1. That's so sweet! Surprises are always the best!! I love the moment of 'Wait, what is this??? OMG!'

    If you're ever wanting to do another swap or anything of that nature with a Black Spotted, please let me know! I'd track down just about anything I can that you can get here in the U.S. for it (and I know they cost a lot more in France than the equivalent here as well)!


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