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Nail Mail - Week #26 || Kim's blog sale.

In the mailbox this week...
What I bought from my friend Kim @The Ides of Polish.
Thank you Kim ♥

The Amazing Nail Mail of the Day!!!

Today, I have awesome nail mails to show you!!! =)
The first one is a 2 in 1 package from the amazing Sandy Dandy Nails ♥ I was really surprised that my Dandy Nails order came in a flat rate box, because the previous polishes I got were send in envelopes. Then, when I opened the package I was more intrigued because I ordered 4 Dandy Nails, but there were clearly more than 4 polishes in the box!!! So I thought she may have sent the wrong package to me... Then I noticed the shape of some of the polishes = clearly not all of them were Dandy Nails! But why Sandy would send me polishes not made by herself?!?! I finally noticed a note in the box, and when I read it I LOOOLed

Yes Love // Y66

Hi guys!!! My aunt gave me a polish few weeks ago, and I was curious to see it on me. Why? Because Yes Love Y66 is a pastel green and pastels don't suit me very well... And I was right :/ BUT I really like the color so I added few things and it's way better =D

I'm Anaa! First Giveaway featuring OPI Black Spotted!!!

Hi ladies!!! Few days ago, I hit 50 followers so it's time for my first giveaway... YAY!!! For the prize I chose the OPI nail polish that can only be found in the French Sephoras :)

This giveaway is obviously open internationally!!! 
You must be a public GFC & bloglovin' follower to enter. Entries close July 06, 2012, 12:01am EST! 
Winner will be contacted by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends.  Winner must reply within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected!!! Thank you and Good Luck :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Haul from Belguim #02 || Essence ♥

Here is what I purchased today while I was in Belgium ^^

Nail Mail - Week #24 || OPI Black Spotted

In the mailbox this week, I got a package from Sephora...

the OPI Black Spotted I ordered for my friends who don't live in France ^^

Bye bye my lovelies, safe trip to your new homes ;)

China Glaze // Nova

Helloooo! =D How you are doing followers?
I really wish I could blog more than one mani a week... Gah, why did I choose a job where I'm not allowed to wear nail polish!!!
Ok so here is the mani of the weekend:

Nail Mail - Week #23 || ManGlaze, Red Angel, Cult Nails and Harlow & Co.

In the mailbox this week...
A package from my friend Sheila @Pointless Cafe. Sheila is a sweetheart, she agreed to be my "mule" and received 2 of my orders at her house (cause the sellers don't ship internationally) and then she send them to me ♥
Yes, I got 2 ILF but 1 is for my friend Kim @The Ides of Polish.

Wednesday, I received my Cult Nails & Harlow & Co. orders ♥

Diamond Jubilee || Barry M Navy, Ciaté Jewel & Max Factor Fantasy Fire

In honour of Queen Elizabeth II and her diamond jubilee, I joined my friend for a British mani. One rule : we have to use British polishes ^^ Luckily, I get few days ago, a "swap" package from the UK!!! So I used 2 of the polishes that the amazing Polished Criminal Rachel send me + Max Factor Fantasy Fire on my accent nail =D
I'm not really happy with this mani... but here are some pictures ;) IRL it's a little less bad, but I wish I could find something better for this Jubilee mani!

Nail Mail - Week #22 || Adventure in Acetone's blog sale

In the mailbox this week...
An awesome package from my friend Jacki ♥ Jacki recently put some polishes for sale in her blogsale Adventures in Acetone, but oddly, she didn't succeed to sell 3 great polishes... she needed money and I'm her friend ♥ thus, even if these polishes weren't on my wishlist, they're still are awesome polishes so I bought them ;)