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Nail Mail of the day || Nails Inc. Pudding Lane

Hey guys! I got more nail mail today!!!! YAY =D

A little package from England ♥ Thank you Kim

And now... swatches, shall we? ^^

Nail Mail - Week #21 || Polished Criminails + Llarowe

In the mailbox this week...
A package from my friend Rachel @Polished Criminails. Few months ago, Rachel wanted to buy some Dandy Nails & A-Englands but didn't have the money yet... so I offered to pay for her until she gets the money :) And she had the great idea to not sending me money but some UK polishes from my wishlist ♥
A package from Llarowe with the last Lynnderella of my LLWishlist!

Nail Mail of the day || OMG OMG OMG!!!

This morning, I was at work, thinking I needed nail mail, like TODAY! Yes, I was starved of nail mail!!! So when I came back home and noticed the package below in my bedroom, I was SO HAPPY :)

I finally got nail mail and this is a GREAT nail mail which eased my withdrawal symptoms = the Zoya order I placed with the AMAZEBALLS polish addicted ASHLEY!!!! As I'm not a US resident I can't order from the Zoya website :'( So I asked my US friends if I could help someone to order the minimum amount of polishes  to get free shipping, so it was a win - win! And Ashley took the offer =)
When I opened the package, I couldn't help myself...  I was screaming and saying OMG again and again and again!
 ♥ ♥ ♥ Love you Ash ♥ ♥ ♥

Ashley told me she sent candy with the polishes but I didn't expect that much!!!! She's such a sweetheart! ♥  I can't thank her enough for all that... Yes, I LOVE nail polish and I LOVE candy!! …

International Holo Day!!! || Diagonal Holo Gradient feat. CG OMGs!!!

Happy Holo Day everyone!!! ♥
Some of my nail polish lovers friends and I decided to make May 19th THE HOLO DAY!!! I wanted to use my holos from the China Glaze OMG Collection for a while now, so I thought this was the day to use some of them! ^^ Hope you'll enjoy my holo mani =)
Here are some pics in the sun:

Haze Glaze - To Serve Man!

Few days ago, I received a package from my friend Hazel, one of the amazing girls I met through Facebook ♥ I ordered 2 of her new polishes on April 30 and 1 week and a half later, I had them in my hands!!!
So, I offer you some swatches of the AMAZING To Serve Man, but keep in mind that my camera doesn't seem to be a glitter lover and this polish is EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL in real life!!! 
Pictures with flash:

Zoya Zara swatches

Hey girls! Today, I will show you the base color I chose for one the great polish of my friend Hazel. Zoya Zara is a sheer violet with golden shimmer. The pictures below are 2 coats without top coat, after one day. I could apply 3 coats for full opacity but I thought 2 was OK as I planned to layer another polish over it!

Nail Mail - Week #19 || Haze Glaze, Nailsupplies, Marnie & Dior

In the mailbox this week...
I got a package from my friend Hazel with the polishes I ordered from her :) ~
A package from Nailsupplies ; new base coat, new topcoat & 2 new blue polishes ^^
I also received an AWESOME package from my friend Marnie ♥

I bought these amazing polishes from her Blog Sale!
And the last package of the week is from... Dior =D

China Glaze Below Deck

Hi guys! Just a simple mani today with a polish I wanted to try for a while...
China Glaze Below Deck

Nail Mail - Week #18 || OPI Suede & The Hungry Asian

In the mailbox this week...
2 OPI Suede from Traci The Trace Face Philes' blog sale.
2 beautiful glitter polishes from The Hungry Asian.
 And they came in this cute packaging ♥