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Nail Mail of the day || Whimsical Ideas by Pam - I Believe in Fairies

Hey girls! Do you believe in fairies? I do =) Today, a little fairy brought me an amazing package!!! I could find in it a wonderful nail polish made by Pam

Want a close-up?

Amazing, right?! Can't wait to see it on my nails!!!

I thought it will be purple as I could see it on the picture of Pam : click here to see it :) But, no, it's blue!! Well, blue is one of my fave color of nail polish, maybe my fave actually :P So it's still really beautiful for me!!!! ♥ And if I layer it, I don't think there will be a big difference... =D

Whimsical Ideas by Pam nail polishes retail at $10. International shipping for 1 polish is $5.50.

I already have others on my wishlist ^^


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