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Dandy Nails - Bathed in Light

Hey guys! I really couldn't wait for this weekend... I was so excited to do the nail art I planned with my absolutely wonderful Dandy Nails polishes!!!

Oh, and just FYI, Sandy restocked her etsy shop! YAY! I was supposed to be on a no buy, but her polishes are so great I couldn't resist :P I bought 2 that I wanted to buy last time but I couldn't cause "3" is MY number! So it was 3 polishes, or 6, 9 etc.and I had already spend to much last month, so I just bought 3 XD For the new order, I choose 'Come Out and Play' and 'You Set My Soul Alight' + the NEW one 'Look Around' ♥

When I got the polishes, I was WOW!!! Didn't know which one I'll try first... I saw some swatches of Colorblind and Funhouse on other blogs, but none of  Bathed in Light. Choice has been made!! So I racked my brain to find a design to show you guys - in 1 mani - the magnificence of this polish, and how beautiful it is in 1 or 2 coats, or when it is layered over other polishes...

Now, here are some pictures I took during the process:

Polishes I used for the triangles
I picked 4 pink & purple polishes, including 3 untrieds: Guinevere (received just few days ago), Gabriela (send by Barbara / Betty Nails) and Frou-Frou (from my Secret Bunny Stine).

1 coat of Traffic Jam, Guinevere, Frou-Frou & BATHED IN LIGHT, 2 coats of Gabriela

After adding 1 coat of Bathed in Light on each nail

Some pics in the sun:

And some close up:


As you can see the gorgeous 'Bathed in Light' is beautiful by itself! ♥ Several colors in 1 polish + pretty HOLOGRAPHIC glitter! And you just need 1 or 2 coats!!! OR it can be layered over other nail polishes to add some 'light', and an holographic finish =D So YES I'm IN LOOOVE with it!!!! ♥♥♥

What about 'Funhouse'? I can't lie... I'm in love too, lol! It's an amazing glitter polish... It's like the glitters know where they have to be on the nail. I mean, I have no glitter over an other, I have NO space on my nail without some glitters... and I didn't have to place the glitters for that!!! How cool is that?!

THANK YOU SANDY!!! GO buy some DANDY NAILS polishes, FAST!!! :P


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