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Nail Mail - Week #17 || Ozotic & Dandy Nails

In the mailbox this week...
Some amazing Ozotics ordered on Llarowe

3 More Dandy Nails, yay! ♥

Essence Vampire's Love True Love + Ozotic 528 + Stamping

Hi guys!!! =D Hope you're doing great!!!  Here is one of the mani I did a while ago but didn't post the pics here ;) Essence Vampire's Love collection is a must have!!! I love every polish in it and especially this one =D True Love is sooo gorgeous ♥

Nail Mail - Week #16 || Elixir Lacquers Bad Kitty

In the mail box this week...
Just a tiny package from Elixir Lacquers... but a great one! :)

Dandy Nails - Bathed in Light

Hey guys! I really couldn't wait for this weekend... I was so excited to do the nail art I planned with my absolutely wonderful Dandy Nails polishes!!!
Oh, and just FYI, Sandy restocked her etsy shop! YAY! I was supposed to be on a no buy, but her polishes are so great I couldn't resist :P I bought 2 that I wanted to buy last time but I couldn't cause "3" is MY number! So it was 3 polishes, or 6, 9 etc.and I had already spend to much last month, so I just bought 3 XD For the new order, I choose 'Come Out and Play' and 'You Set My Soul Alight' + the NEW one 'Look Around' ♥
When I got the polishes, I was WOW!!! Didn't know which one I'll try first... I saw some swatches of Colorblind and Funhouse on other blogs, but none of  Bathed in Light. Choice has been made!! So I racked my brain to find a design to show you guys - in 1 mani - the magnificence of this polish, and how beautiful it is in 1 or 2 coats, or when it is layered over o…

Nail Mail - Week #15 || A-England, Cult Nails & China Glaze

In the mailbox this week... The 3 lovely A-Englands I purchased during the -30% sale.
I was sad to discover that Princess Tears had a "little" problem during its way to me :'( But I emailed Adina and she will send a new one =)

Second package, the Cult Nails Diva & Drama Collection + the soon to be retired Toxic Seaweed ♥

Last package, received this morning, from Nailsupplies, my first China Glaze Magnetix ^^

Essence Chuck + Whimsical Ideas by Pam I Believe in Fairies + Color Club Sugarplum Fairy + stars

Here is the mani I did with Whimsical Ideas by Pam I Believe in Fairies =)

Essence Chuck

So my fave layering combo for I Believe in Fairies was with Chuck! So here it is alone, before I apply this gorgeous Whimsical Ideas by Pam polish ^^

Whimsical Ideas by Pam - I Believe in Fairies swatches!

Hey everyone! Remember my new fairy tale polish? I really couldn't wait to see it on my nails so here it is...

Nail Mail - Week #14 || Dandy Nails, Essence Twins & Deborah Lippmann

In the mail box this week... The 3 of the wonderful Dandy Nails polishes I managed to buy! I almost missed it (stupid nap XD) but I grabbed the last Colorblind!!!! ♥

You can buy Sandy's beauties from her Etsy shop, here! Thank you Sandy & congrats for your great work!!! :D I will order few more after my no-buy, that's for sure!!!!!

Next, I'd like to show you what the lovely Barbara from Betty Nails sent me from Portugal!!

Yes, 3 "couples" of Essence Nail Art Twins and few more things ♥ I searched these nail polishes everywhere, but I only found the duo #06 Bella & Edward. When Barbara read that I was looking for others twins, she asked one of her friend to look for them and she found 3!! Yay!! =D

Barbara packed the nail polishes by twins, so they traveled to France as couples ^^ Cute!

Barbara also sent me some candies, a perfume sample and these lovely stars, moons & hearts. How sweet?!! 

Thank you so much Barbara, and thank you to your frie…

Nail Mail of the day || Whimsical Ideas by Pam - I Believe in Fairies

Hey girls! Do you believe in fairies? I do =) Today, a little fairy brought me an amazing package!!! I could find in it a wonderful nail polish made by Pam