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Nail Mail - Week #13 || CG OMGs & Zoyas

In the mail box this week...

An AMAZING package from City Nail Supplies : 5 China Glaze from the OMG Collection!!!! ♥_♥ + 1 free China Glaze Prism

China Glaze OMGs: IDK, LOL, 2NITE, FYI, QT & China Glaze Prism Full Spectrum
My package has been opened by the French Customs... and I'm really surprised that I was able to get it without paying customs duties! Great for me :P

City Nail Supplies is a great place to order! They sent me Full Spectrum for free and nails stickers too!!! :D

China Glaze OMG - IDK, LOL & 2NITE
China Glaze OMG - FYI, QT & China Glaze Prism Full Spectrum

Second package of the week, Zoya nail mail through Traci / The Trace face Philes ♥ As Zoya doesn't ship to France, I was super sad to not taking advantage of the 3+3 free Zoya offer... But Traci let me use her address and then she sent the package to me (and she added candy ^^) Thank you so much Traci!!!

Zoya Apple, Valerie, Kotori, Zara, Adina & Maisie
Zoya Apple, Kotori, Adina, Zara, Valerie & Maisie


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