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OPI Super Bass Shatter for my vacay in Canada!!!

Hello dear readers! Lots of things to do today.. cause I'm going to Canada!!! YAY ♥ I won't have time to do my nails for a week so I chose a nail design that won't be afraid of the tip wear, lol, cause it's already looks like it's damaged, kind of XD

I applied 1 coat of OPI Super Bass Shatter over 2 coats of Color Club Sugarplum Fairy. I'm not really a fan of shatter/crackle but I like this one! The color is beautiful =D 
See you soon!!!! ♥

Nail Mail - Week #08 || Embroidered Emerald

Woohoo! Thank you so much Sandy Dandy Nails ♥ I wouldn't be able to get this polish without you :) Ladies and gentlemen... Misa Embroidered Emerald

A-England Saint George + Models Own Emerald City tips

Hi guys!
Today I'd like to show you a many I did with 2 polishes I recently got in the mail =)

Nail Mail - Week #07

In the mail box this week...

NYX Gilded Glitter and Milani Hi-Res from Beauty Joint.

Models Own Emerald City, Pinky Brown and Purple Blue
from Rachel / Polished Criminails

Nail Mail - Week #06

Glitter Gal Suede 3D Holo + Essence Irreplaceable

Hi ladies! I am a bit disappointed by the nail art I'm going to show you because I used a green striping tape to create a line in the brown polish, but it bled into the polish and the line is yellow :((

Alien nails || Catrice Forget-Me-Not and CG Harmony

Hey my NaaNaa!! Here is my mani of the weekend... There is lots of snow here, and when I took a walk outside this morning in all this white snow, I really felt like I had alien nails, lol! XD