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Un Peu Beaucoup Bleu || Woo first customer!

I'm still a beginner in nail art, and I have painted someone else's nails just one single time (my mom's), but today I've been paid to do that! Yep! Ok, it was the granddaughter of my "aunt", not a real customer, but I was really surprised to get a little bill at the end. I was specified to use it to buy new nail polishes ^^

So here's the nail design I've created on Marie's nails (she picked everything - color, glitter & stamp):

I applied 2 coats of a VERY OLD blue polish from the french brand "Un Peu Beaucoup". I bought it when I was younger, maybe 10-12 years old... but the application was really fine. I layered with the topper Essence Glorious Aquarius, and then I stamped the roses with GCOCL white stamping polish and the GCOCL plate A01.

I had no idea if the final design will look great or not :/ So, what do you think? I personally like it, and I may try something close on my own nails! I wish I could do this as my job!!! This is so much fun!!!! :)


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