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Orly Nail Rescue Miracle!

Bonjour dear readers! 
Just a quick post to share with you my experience with Orly Nail Rescue.

So, today 16:05 (XD), I was in the labeling area at work for 5 minutes when I broke a nail :'( Yes, I'm a lucky girl, lol!! I was really sad because I planned a french tip design for this weekend... But at 17:15, I finally found the broken piece!!! so I put it in my pocket to do a little experiment ^^

Back home, I took my Orly Nail Rescue kit!

Then, I applied Orly nail glue on the broken piece and glue it to my nail. Next, I add glue on top of the entire tip & dipped my finger in the powder. 

I removed excess powder with a brush. 

and buffed to smooth the surface = MIRACLE!

IRL I can barely see the difference between this nail and the others... So, guess what? I L♥VE ORLY NAIL RESCUE!!!

I bought Orly Nail Rescue on for $10 (+ shipping), it can also be found at Nailsupplies for $7.98!


  1. wow! C'est un miracle!!! Je ne connaissais pas ce produit...maintenant il me le faut :P

  2. Oui c'est trop génial!!! Je l'ai eu sur ebay pour $10

  3. I just usually cut my nails. But sometimes I wish I had something like this.

  4. I love my kit!!!! I couldn't live without it. The file is junk but I don't care, I just use a different one.

  5. Wow! Amazing! I must have one of those kits!!

  6. C'est génial ca! Comment es-tu arrivé à faire coller la petit pièce?! Vraiment bien fait!

    1. J'ai juste mis la glue sur le petit morceau (que je tenais avec une pince pour pas m'en mettre sur les doigts :P) et je l'ai collé au bout de mon ongle, là ou il était avant! Et après j'ai remis un peu de glue sur le dessus et j'ai trempé mon doigt dans la poudre etc ;)

  7. Nail Rescue is seriously the best stuff ever! It has saved me so many times!!!!

  8. I used it as an undercoating for my nails for years in addition to repairs. Totally awesome stuff! <3


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