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Haul from Belgium!

Today, I went to Belgium with my best friend, to buy some stuff she usually buy there. Don't ask me to remember what it is, I just know that is food, lol! Belgium is only 1 hour away, so with my family we cross the border several times a year, especially to buy cheaper tobacco for the (stupid) smokers of the family XD But this time, with the bestie, we did some nail polish shopping ^^ We went to Kruidvat, a shop in De Panne, which sells Essence & Catrice nail polishes =)
So here is what I bought:

Like Pshiiit without Sirens || China Glaze, T, Kleancolor

Hello girls!!! You may know that few month ago,
Harlow & Co. has released 10 sets of the very LE Sirens Collection!

I wanted this collection SOOO BADLY!!! But with the time difference I was at work during the sale and I couldn't grab 1 of these wonderful sets :'(  I was really sad - and still is - but these polishes are amazing so I wasn't surprised when I saw they were sold out very quickly!!!
Now, let's talk about nail art... If you have searched for swatches of the Sirens polishes like me, you must have seen Traci / The Trace Face Philes's swatches or the ones of Jen The Polishaholic, or maybe the great nail art that my compatriot Camille from Pshiiit has made.
I may not have the amazing Sirens collection T_T, but I still could do a nail art inspired by Pshiiit =)
So here are some pictures of my version of this design ;)

Parents are so funny... || New nail polishes!

Salut les filles ! Today I've got new polishes to show you!!!
First, some polishes that was given to my aunt, but she didn't like the colors of these 2. Well, good news for me :P For Christmas, I was originally thinking to create Santa nails, like the ones Jen the Polish-Aholic has beautifully made! But I didn't have a "flesh color" nail polish in my stash... I could have mix different colors to create it, but I didn't have the time to do it! But now I've got it!!! =)

Below, are 4 nail polishes that my mom found while she was doing some shopping with my aunt. I guess the brand is "T" as it's the only thing written on it... 

And these are the ones my aunt found when she was doing some shopping with my mom, lol XD
The funniest thing is that my mom told me this morning that I've got too many nail polishes, and I end the day with 10 new - including 4 that she bought herself, LOL!!!

Nail Mail - Week #03 & #04

For the past few month, I received lots of nail mails, bought lots of polishes & did many nail arts... but I didn't post about it, due to the lack of time :'( Now, I'm ready to make amends :P So I'll do my best to post as often as possible!!! Here is the post I must have done on January 25.

Essence Nail Art Twins Bella & Edward ♥

Hi guys! It's time for a new nail art!!!! :) I received my new striping tapes that I ordered on few days ago. So I guess it was time to use them :P

Nail Mail of the day || Essence Vampire's Love Collection!

Today, I'd like to introduce my new Essence (full) Collection:  ~ Vampire's Love ~
I really wanted this set for many reasons: I love vampires XD, one is named after my all-time favorite TV-Series Buffy ♥ and I had no polish like them: I vampire LOVE these colors!!!!

Orly Nail Rescue Miracle!

Bonjour dear readers!  Just a quick post to share with you my experience with Orly Nail Rescue.
So, today 16:05 (XD), I was in the labeling area at work for 5 minutes when I broke a nail :'( Yes, I'm a lucky girl, lol!! I was really sad because I planned a french tip design for this weekend... But at 17:15, I finally found the broken piece!!! so I put it in my pocket to do a little experiment ^^

Back home, I took my Orly Nail Rescue kit!

Ozotic 533!

Hi dears! Hope you're doing great!? Today, just a simple mani.  Not that I wasn't inspired but I was really in a hurry!!! :P
♥ Ozotic 533 ♥
So here are some pics in different lighting. First with flash:

Un Peu Beaucoup Bleu || Woo first customer!

I'm still a beginner in nail art, and I have painted someone else's nails just one single time (my mom's), but today I've been paid to do that! Yep! Ok, it was the granddaughter of my "aunt", not a real customer, but I was really surprised to get a little bill at the end. I was specified to use it to buy new nail polishes ^^
So here's the nail design I've created on Marie's nails (she picked everything - color, glitter & stamp):

Nail Mail - Week #02

This week I got 3 little packages! Still waiting for 7 more ^^

Mom's nails =) || China Glaze Urban Night & Fairy Dust

After weeks and weeks of begging, my mom let me accomplish a little nail art on her nails!! Yay! As she's not used to wear polish, she chose to do a simple design and picked up 2 polishes in my stash (well, 3 with the striper ^^). It was the first time I did a nail art on someone else's nails, not an easy task!!! :P


Hi everyone, hope you're having/had a great weekend!! I was looking forward to mine, I was so exhausted... Another week to do somebody else's job at work :'( So, I have some little injuries on my hands and some are visible on the pics below...
Yesterday, I had no idea what to do with my nails, so I came up with something that enables me to try some new polishes =)

Nail Mail - Week #01

Two things I purchased on ebay last week, and they're already here :)

They smell so good!!!! ♥ I can't stop smelling my hands, lol! I bought them cause they are small so I can put them in my bag ^^ I still need a bigger bottle to keep at home... Do you have any suggestion?

My mother and I have the same problem: broken nails... mainly because of our job! Now she's retired, she tried gel nails for the first time. But, she succeeded to break one not even a week after, and another one 2 days later :( She just removed them and I hope Orly Nail Rescue will help us to repair our future broken nails.

Bonne Année !!!

I wish you all a very