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I will end up broke!

I always want to buy nail art stuffs lately... I spend my time on nail art blogs, or retail websites to see if there's some great deals to make, etc. I am a TV addict, more specifically a TV series addict, and I didn't watch a single episode for a week and half now!!!! O_O I am surprised myself!

Of course, I spend lots of money :s, cause there's so much cool things!!! Although I struggle with my compulsive shopping, lol, my wallet don't like December ...

→ Dec 03, I placed an order on Nailsupplies with my best friend, she fell in love with crackle polishes so she picked up 2 of them + 2 other polishes. As a result, I bought 5 polishes to complete the $20 Flat Rate Box for international orders. Bingo! $27 spent!

→ Dec 05, I was on looking for real Konad stamping polishes to see their prices, cause when I stamped with my white stamping polish over Time Traveler by Cult Nails, which is a dark blue (see here), my design appeared almost blue instead of white, unlike Andrea in her tutorial... And I bought a pair (white + silver) for $13. I also found a rhinestones wheel ($2.70) and sponges ($3.30). 

→ Dec 08, after watching polishes comparisons on nail art displays, I thought these could be useful, cause I swatch my polishes on a sheet of paper :/ Bingo! $3.50 spent for 10 nail art displays!

→ Dec 09, Flash Sale on Harlow&Co.: shipping was free on orders over $25 (even for international customers)... I took a look, just to see, not to buy!!!... but: what? no way! Ozotic Elytra 528 is in stock again?! It wasn't when I placed my first order on Nov 28 :( I really really want this polish!!!! I hesitated... I have spent enough money on nail polishes lately... but it's almost Christmas, that could be my gift to myself, right?! Yes, I am weak... and I ordered, I'm ashamed ! But, Katie, the super nice owner, want me to be broke, lol! XD

→ Déc 10, I woke up and still asleep I knocked over a box in which I put my dry polishes, that I still love, but didn't find the time to go to Sephora to buy a thinner... Then, I realized that I may find thinners on Nailsupplies, so I turned on my computer... and I did find thinners of course!
I also done a thing I shouldn't have: I looked after CG Below Deck and saw it was available again (I wanted to order this polish when I placed my order with my best friend, but it was sold out!). I have so many polishes in my Nailsupplies wishlist, a new order was possible... I picked up 7 more polishes (in addition to the thinner and Below Deck to reach the maximum number of polishes that fit in the Flate Rate Box) but I didn't order, I just planned my future order! =)
I also went on Amazon cause I'm really interested in the Red Angel stamping plates, $12 for 21 plates, I want them! Andrea Plasmaspeedo thinks they are good, and Oooh, Shinies! had done some really beautiful designs with them :) But the shipping is too expensive $16 :s So I won't buy them now, I have still so many Bundle Monster to try ;)

→ This morning, I watched the "Winter Icicle Nail Art Tutorial" of Sandy DandyNails. I love the design she did on her accent nail... Damn! I should have bought some almond shape rhinestones et micro beads!
So, I searched on but didn't find what I wanted... I switched for, but I was a bit hopeless, cause for some products there are geographic restrictions on ebay... i.e. OPI, China Glaze,.. are never showed in the result for us french :'( But it worked, I find - I think - the same micro beads wheel as Sandy's one for $3. There wasn't a wheel with different colors almond shape rhinestones, but I bought one with different shapes silver for $3! And 6 more dollars spent :/ I know there are cheaper wheels sold, I saw ads on ebay's home page for them but, like I said: geographic restrictions! and I saw this stupid message below (click to enlarge) when I clicked on those ads :(

→ And : This afternoon, I finally placed my order on Nailsupplies... I couldn't resist... and my parents didn't succeed in stopping me, lol! My mother told me "If you have too many polishes they will dry and you won't be able to use them anymore..." but a thinner was in my cart so... :P
I decided, it will be my second own gift for Christmas, lol! Even if, my polishes won't be home till 2012 I guess... :/ (I was order #100001 ^^ !!)

I am SO weak these days... seriously, I mean, I don't know what's wrong with me... I can't stop buying!

Well... it's 2:00 am so I'm going to sleep now! Bye. =)


  1. I read your posts!! Im not a nobody :)

    1. Thanks Cari! I will delete this part now I've got followers :P


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