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Nail Mail of the day || Cyber Monday order from Harlow & Co.

OMG it's already here!!!!! O_O YEAH!!! ♥

While I was taking pictures of my new nail design, my father was picking up the mail and came back home with a little package for me... → My Cyber Monday order from Harlow & Co.!!! =D I can't believe it! I order it.. well... Monday (lol), it has been sent Tuesday and 4 days later I have the package in my hands.... Yay Canada! You're faster than the US XD

I placed this order thanks to Traci The TraceFace Philes (yes, again =D) who shared on her Facebook wall the Harlow & Co. Cyber Monday offer : 20% off the entire order + free shipping over $50... so I couldn't say no to that!! XD Even if the polishes sold by Harlow & Co aren't cheap, it still cheaper than the polishes sold in France!!!
I don't think I've already mentioned it here, but, nail polish is really expensive here. I'll take the example of a brand you all know : O.P.I... OPI nail polishes retail at Sephora for 13,90€ i.e. ~ $20!!! See how expensive it is?!!!! Sometimes, I'd like to be american or canadian, lol!

When I opened the package, I first discovered a little gift : Vegan Lip Balm 'Minty Ice' by Spa Therapy Works. How nice is that?! I couldn't help myself to try it right away lol XD and I liked it =) It's really smooth and my lips were immediately hydrated... and just after the application you can feel some tingles ^^

And now, ladies and... ladies, I'm pleased to introduce you my new & first holographic polishes :P


I'm dazzled by the beauty of these polishes!!! They are so sparkly! Too bad I just did a new mani, lol XD And to think that I was close to never had them.... When I first wanted to buy them, a message appeared everytime telling that these products couldn't been send to France :'( I was so sad... So I write an e-mail to Harlow & Co. asking why? why french girls couldn't buy these amazing polishes? Katie, the sweet owner, answered me and told me she fixed the problem!!! Yay! So THANK YOU SO MUCH Katie!!!!


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