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Nail Mail of the day || Bella & Edward!

I finally found them and they are now in my hands:
 Essence Nail Art Twins Bella & Edward ♥

I bought them on ebay for about $13 ;) Aww, they are gorgeous!!!!  And my mother want to steal them from me, lol XD

New Year's Nails! || China Glaze Pelican Gray

Few weeks ago, I told you about my love for the "Winter Icicle Nail Art Tutorial" of Sandy DandyNails. As I received all I needed to do it myself, I decided that will be my nail art for New Year's Eve :) So here's the result (the pictures really don't do justice to the beauty of the holographic glitter) :

Nail Mail of the day || Nailsupplies order #4

New package today!!! Another box from Nailsupplies =)

Content : China Glaze Adore China Glaze Harmony China Glaze Admire China Glaze Four Leaf Clover China Glaze Below Deck China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald Color Club Fashion Addict Essie Matte About You Essie Fluid-e

As usual, China Glaze retail for $2.99, Color Club for $3.10 and Essie for $5!

Christmas Nail Mail!!!! ♥

Tuesday, when I came back home after my Christmas weekend, I found 4 packages in the mail box!!!!

I didn't open them immediately but put them under our mini Christmas tree (my parents don't like Christmas, no Christmas decorations this year, so I put my mini tree in the living room), with the gifts I offered to my family. I forgot to take pictures that night, so I photographed them this afternoon ;)
First, it was the rhinestones and micro beads wheels I ordered on ebay:

Then, the nail art displays (from ebay too). I already painted them with my polishes...

The third package wasn't nail mail... XD It's a foot massager ^^

And finally, the box from Nailsupplies :)

There were 4 others polishes, but they are for my best friend ;)

 Fairy Dust ♥ I love the name, and the polish! I don't why I didn't order it sooner...

THANK YOU blue&yellow Santa (= postman ^^ Hope he doesn't hate me... lol).

Candy Cane Nails!

I wish I could have done a better nail art for this Christmas weekend, but I just had 3 hours to shower, do my nails and pack my stuffs for the 4 days weekend away from home! So, I did the classical candy cane nails...

Nail Mail - Week #51 || Essence Special Effect! Topper Collection.

Nail Mail!!! =)
Today, I got my batch of Essence polishes from the Special Effect! Topper Collection! Yay!! Oh, I forgot to tell you about this order... Yes, I spend money on nail polishes (again)....! I ordered it on ebay few days ago for $31 (shipping included), from a french seller = fast shipping ;)

I also got unexpected gifts: a little starry paper bag and a lipstick (Maybelline New York Terracotta). Christmas presents from the seller ?! Nice of him =)
Here are some close-up:

They look amazing, don't you think?! I can't wait to layer them on my nails ^^

Speaking of Essence... I'm looking for 2 sets from the Twins Collection:  Bella & Edward: see pictures of Traci hereJoe & Victory: see pictures of Tassa here
I may have found Bella & Edward onebay but I'm not sure cause the seller didn't specified the names of the polishes :( I emailed her/him, but I didn't get the answer yet... They are sold $6.50 each (shipping included) so I want to be certai…

Glitter Gal Frappe 3D Holo

My nails are still short but I couldn't help it... I wanted to try one of my holographic polishes SO much!!!

Nail Mail - Week #50 || Stop! Customs control!

Today, I have received my rhinestone wheel... with the adhesive tape of the Customs!

Yes, they opened my little package. But nothing interesting for them I guess, cause no taxes needed to get my wheel! I don't even know if there are customs duties for the kind of product... apparently not =) I bought this wheel on for $2.6.

I will end up broke!

I always want to buy nail art stuffs lately... I spend my time on nail art blogs, or retail websites to see if there's some great deals to make, etc. I am a TV addict, more specifically a TV series addict, and I didn't watch a single episode for a week and half now!!!! O_O I am surprised myself!
Of course, I spend lots of money :s, cause there's so much cool things!!! Although I struggle with my compulsive shopping, lol, my wallet don't like December ...
→ Dec 03, I placed an order on Nailsupplies with my best friend, she fell in love with crackle polishes so she picked up 2 of them + 2 other polishes. As a result, I bought 5 polishes to complete the $20 Flat Rate Box for international orders. Bingo! $27 spent!
→ Dec 05, I was on looking for real Konad stamping polishes to see their prices, cause when I stamped with my white stamping polish over Time Traveler by Cult Nails, which is a dark blue (see here), my design appeared almost blue instead of white, unlik…

Retro nails! || China Glaze Black Diamond

I turned my short nails sadness into happiness of trying dark polish, lol XD I can't explain it, but I don't really like dark colors on long nails... they frighten me!!!
When I found Polish Vixen's blog, I noticed a design that I really like (click here to see it). And I thought it was time for me to try it, using a dark polish instead with some colorful dots =)

My poor nails...

We had hard times at work this week... HUGE orders from Belgium! And even if it's not my job, I had to help to prepare these orders i.e. label the soup jars, pack them into the boxes, carry and layer them on pallets... needless to say this was bad time for nails :'(
And now, my hands look like this :

My skin is so dry and I broke all my nails, I'm not used to it :'( My plan was to use my new holographics this weekend, but now I can't - I don't want - to apply these wonderful polishes on such nails... I'd rather wait and try them when my nails will be longer! Now, I have to figure out which mani I can do with short nails...

Nail Mail of the day || Cyber Monday order from Harlow & Co.

OMG it's already here!!!!! O_O YEAH!!! ♥
While I was taking pictures of my new nail design, my father was picking up the mail and came back home with a little package for me... → My Cyber Monday order from Harlow & Co.!!! =D I can't believe it! I order it.. well... Monday (lol), it has been sent Tuesday and 4 days later I have the package in my hands.... Yay Canada! You're faster than the US XD

I placed this order thanks to Traci The TraceFace Philes (yes, again =D) who shared on her Facebook wall the Harlow & Co. Cyber Monday offer : 20% off the entire order + free shipping over $50... so I couldn't say no to that!! XD Even if the polishes sold by Harlow & Co aren't cheap, it still cheaper than the polishes sold in France!!! I don't think I've already mentioned it here, but, nail polish is really expensive here. I'll take the example of a brand you all know : O.P.I... OPI nail polishes retail at Sephora for 13,90€ i.e. ~ $20!!! See how expe…

Cult Nails Time Traveler.

Here's my version of Andrea Plasmaspeedo's Navy blue lace/dots Konad stamp

I applied one coat of Agnès b. Rose cashmere and just one coat of the wonderful Time Traveler! Yes just one! and it's perfectly opaque!!! O_O  I LOVE that polish!!! I stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM - 220 and a white stamping polish. For the dots, I used my birthday gift Yolizul Fashion 164.
Time Traveler can be purchased at for $10.

Nail Mail of the day || Super Powers Collection by Cult Nails!

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!! That's what my family heard at 7pm when I came back home and found this on the table!!! LOL

I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Just 1 week and 1 day to receive my Super Powers Collection from Cult Nails ♥ I usually have to wait 2-3 weeks when I order things from the US... So happy!!! As you can see on the picture above, each nail polish is well wrap and has its name on it (cute) and the box is filled with cotton. No need to buy cotton, just buy polishes from Cult Nails ^^

And now a closer look to these beauties :

WOOT I've got my Unicorn Puke!!!!! Yay!
I can't wait to try them!!!! I already know what will be my nail design this weekend =) I'll try to reproduce Andrea's design "Navy blue lace/dots Konad stamp", using the pretty jelly dark blue Time Traveler instead of CG First Mate ;)
I pre-order the Super Powers Collection on Cult Nails website for $30 + $8 for the shipping to France  =) The collection is temporarily …