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St. Catherine's Day! || China Glaze Lemon Fizz

In France, "On St. Catherine's Day, it is customary for unmarried women to pray for husbands, and to honour women who've reached 25 years of age but haven't married - called "Catherinettes" in France. Catherinettes send postcards to each other, and friends of the Catherinettes make hats for them - traditionally using the colours yellow (faith) and green (wisdom), often outrageous - and crown them for the day." - from Wikipedia

This tradition disappeared in time... BUT one of my "aunt" knows it very well and she made me a St. Catherine's hat!!! (I turned 25 last month remember?) Every hat is unique and personalized. So here's mine ^^

I was really surprised! I didn't know the hat-part of the St. Catherine's day, just the postcards exchange that my friends and I made when we were young.

To match with my new hat, I had to paint my nails with yellow and green... =)

For this design I had to apply 3 coats of China Glaze Lemon Fizz. I'm not used to apply more than 2 coats but there were still blanks, so the third coat was absolutely necessary! I created flowers with my dotting tool and China Glaze For Audrey because I don't have a green polish :( so I used For Audrey, which is turquoise, + Color Club Club What a Drag. China Glaze retail for $2.99 and Color Club for $3.10 on Nailsupplies


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