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It all started with a tablet case and a youtube channel...

I always loved nail polishes, but my addiction really started this summer.

I was on ebay, searching for a case for my new GPS/tablet that I got with my car for free, and I found one I like from an asian seller who also sells nail art stuffs, including a stamping machine.

STAMPING? what? Never heard of that... :$

I'm not really good at nail art, especially with my left hand... so I immediately fell in love with this technic :P  I went on Youtube to see stamping tutorials, I watched videos from several users when I found Plasmaspeedo's channel. And I watched every single video!!! I can't really explain it, but it was... different from the others tutorials... I don't know, maybe it's because she sounds like a nice and fun girl, and even if she talks a lot in her videos I understand pretty much everything she says and because she seems to be herself in the videos... Nice and a bit crazy sometimes... → I like that!!! 

Thanks to her, I discovered american brands like China Glaze, O.P.I, etc. There's some much wonderful colors in their collections!!! In France, most the polishes are red, pink or "french manicure" colors... so boring... In some videos, Andrea said she bought her nail polishes from Transdesign, so went on this website, fingers crossed, to see if they shipped to France... and hopefully they do!!! Yay!!! =)

And here's the begin of my nail polish addiction...


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