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Fail to OK... || China Glaze Light As Air and other pastel shades

Friday night, I went to the concert of 30 Seconds to Mars in Lille! YEAAAAH!!!! ♥ I wanted to see them for ages, and I finally got the chance (and it was free :P). What an AMAZING show!!! I met up one of my friends who lives near Lille in the concert hall - I can't believe that I hadn't seen her for more than a year :'( - and we spent the next day together at her home.

As I knew that she was interested in stamping, I put in my bag some of my stamping tools, so that she could try before buying =) We both painted our nails with China Glaze Light As Air and stamped Bundle Monster designs (mine was on BM 201) with black stamping polish.

However, my stamping didn't go well :(   I don't know why, but the designs had never been printed entirely, there were blanks in the lines... I tried to fill the blanks but I didn't have the appropriate tools to do it (I used a safety pin :/)

So this morning, now I was back home, I used my Flexbrush Black to redraw the lines. Some of them were too thick, and I had the idea to add some colors to hide the problem :P

Here's the result :

I filled the "arches" with some China Glaze Something Sweet, Lemon Fizz & For Audrey, and Flexbrush Glitter Silver. That's not perfect, I agree, but I think I conceal the disaster pretty well... What do you think?


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