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Birthday Gift =)

Just a little post, before going to bed... I'd to show you one of my birthday gift :
Here's what I got : Fräulein3°8 crackles polishes (blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow), Yolizul fashion polishes (101 Top Coat, 139 Black, 164 White, 242 Red, 779 Pearly silver) and a nail file.

Halloween/Birthday Nails!

Another design inspired by the fabulous Andrea Plasmaspeedo!!! Click here to see the video of her Halloween Nails tutorial =) 
Andrea's nails and my nails are totally not alike unfortunately... One color is missing (but Traffic Jam is on my wishlist), and I didn't receive my Bundle Monster plates yet :'(

I sponged with China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Constance Carroll Tango and China Glaze Urban Night. I stamped the little stars with a black stamping polish, and the flowers with a yellow one. I added some glitter with Fleshbrush Glitter Silver.

Lucky Day =)

Ok, so.. tomorrow is my birthday =) I'm turning 25!!! ^^ I planned a little "party", just a family gathering for the event ... with home made cakes :P As I needed some stuffs from the frozen food store Picard, I bought the rest of my cakes's ingredients at the nearest supermarket. I usually don't go there, because it's too big and crowded and I don't like that :/ Yet, I took the opportunity to go to the cosmetics department to look for pointed Q-tips... because all my previous searches came to nought :(
And Ô joy, I found some!!!!

This is a store brand product, so I would never had the chance to find these anywhere else!!! Yes, Lucky Day =)

Nailsupplies, Order #2.

Mail of the day :

Another great package from Nailsupplies, arrived in 2 weeks, just in time because CG Lemon Fizz was already involved in the nail design I have planned for the weekend ^^

The nightmare... || China Glaze Passion

Passion, passion, passion!...
The design you can see below, isn't the one I planned to do at first :(

I tried to stamp with China Glaze Passion but it was a BIG fail!!!!! The stamper picked up the image well but when I stamped it on my nails it was a disaster... and instead of seeing the beautiful flower design I choosed, I only saw... blur! So, I guess either CG Passion isn't the perfect polish for stamping, or it's the design who doesn't work well... Instead of removing all the plosihes on my nails, I thought it could be a good idea to stamp an other design over this blur, as CG Passion almost covered my entire nail! So, I stamped with Konad m60 and China Glaze Urban Night. I layered with China Glaze White Cap.
I bought these China Glaze polishes from Nailsupplies for $2.99 each.

Summer French.

Hi girls! Today, I'd like to show you my summer nail art =) Yep! We are in October... but I really miss summer so!

I applied one coat of Mini b. Rose sunset (by Agnès b.). Then I stamped with a yellow and a white stamping polish with Konad m44, and drew a line with Flexbrush Glitter silver. The flowers were made with China Glaze Urban Night and a blue stamping polish.