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My first stamping design || OPI Do You Lilac It?

I'm pleased you show you guys my nails for the next 2 days...  OK it's not perfect, sorry, but eh it was my first try =)

I applied 2 coats of OPI Do You Lilac It? and stamped with a white stamping polish & Konad plate m60. Do You Lilac It? is my first O.P.I and I have to say that I really like the brush, it's larger than the usual ones and it's easier to apply the polish. Two coats was enough for full opacity =)

I'm an architect XD

With 10 new polishes in my tiny collection, I had to find an other way to store my nail polishes.
I saw in Andrea's (PlasmaSpeedo) videos a very nice and useful dispay but unfortunately I can't order one from Transdesign because of the expensive shipping rates for international :'(
So I decided to build one myself! Yay!! =) I took a sheet of paper, and began to draw my soon to be polish display :)

And with a cardboard boxe I took from work and the glue gun of my dad, I made this :
Here it is with my nail polishes on :

Now, I have to decorate it, but I don't know how (paint; crêpe paper...)  or which color to choose... If you have any ideas... ;)

My first Transdesign/Nailsupplies order.

It's finally here!!!!
Here is what I bought from Nailsupplies (the other website of Transdesign but with a better and less confusing design) :

For international orders, the shipping costs are $20 for 1 to 9 bottles, over 9 it's like $45 or so :( So I ordered the maximum amount of polishes that fits the Small Flat Rate Box, because I don't want to spend $45 for the shipping!!! As Orly Bonder and the Flexbrush are smaller I've been able to buy 10 =)

The box came in 2 weeks, with no damages, and no taxes!!!
I'm very happy with this first order! :D

It all started with a tablet case and a youtube channel...

I always loved nail polishes, but my addiction really started this summer.
I was on ebay, searching for a case for my new GPS/tablet that I got with my car for free, and I found one I like from an asian seller who also sells nail art stuffs, including a stamping machine.
STAMPING? what? Never heard of that... :$
I'm not really good at nail art, especially with my left hand... so I immediately fell in love with this technic :P  I went on Youtube to see stamping tutorials, I watched videos from several users when I found Plasmaspeedo's channel. And I watched every single video!!! I can't really explain it, but it was... different from the others tutorials... I don't know, maybe it's because she sounds like a nice and fun girl, and even if she talks a lot in her videos I understand pretty much everything she says and because she seems to be herself in the videos... Nice and a bit crazy sometimes... → I like that!!! 
Thanks to her, I discovered american brands like Chi…

Hi everyone!

First I'd like to introduce myself... My name is Bénédicte, I'm a 25 years old french girl (so excuse my English :s) and I'm a nail art addict =) Unfortunately, my job and my love for nail art aren't compatible :'( I work in food safety and quality in a fish soup factory, so nail polish isn't allowed... Luckily I have 3 days weekends, so every weekend I try a new nail design and keep it for 3 days.
For those who wonder why my blog is in English, there are 3 reasons: 1. Almost all of my nail polish addict friends are from English-speaking countries, 2. Most of my nail polishes are also from English-speaking countries, 3. I love this language, and this blog may help me to improve my English :)
I also have the same blog, but in French :